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Customer Relationship Management
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It is easier to run a business when you can centralise, store, share and retrieve information on your leads, customers or members. That system can be used for history and to remind you of forthcoming activities. It allows one-to-one or bulk customer interaction through emailings or text messaging.

It makes it easier when the information can be accessed anywhere and cost effective.

This is the basic purpose of the Wandsoft Customer Relationship Management system. In addition, our sytem will save you time as you can integrate more functions such as Accounts, e-Commerce, Membership, Extranet...

Benefits to you
  • Reduce costs
    Pay a small monthly fee that can vary whether you are upsizing or downsizing. The more users the cheaper the system will cost you. No need to buy licences and pay someone to install upgrades: it is included in the price.
  • Access data anywhere
    Instant secure access to customer data from any location. All you need is a PC, Mac, Ipad (or other tablet), and a Wifi or 3G connection. This will allow to keep an eye on your business, even if away from your desk. For peace of mind, the control panel is password protected with connections encrypted.
  • Maintain customer profiles
    Standard CRM data customer adresses, phone details, history with the addition of maps, sales data, social networks, without the need to import data from 3rd party systems. You can even send text messages direclty while editing the contact.
Benefits to your customers
  • Better customer service
    Customer loyalty will come from Improved responsiveness and understanding of the customer.
  • Improved response time
    Having one central place to consult information, including sales, support, tasks and realtime data from social networks, your sales representatives will be well prepared to talk to your customers. In addition to that, a customer extranet will allow them to access personalised data.
  • Simplification of processes
    Understanding customer needs will allow you personalise your offerings: simplification and relevant offers.